Handcrafted in Bend, OR




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We are Bend, Oregon’s only made-from-scratch ice cream company. We make our ice cream base from just three simple ingredients, organic milk, organic cream + organic sugar, no unpronounceables here! Every week we work with Bend farmers’ to find the freshest locally grown berries and herbs to create our ever rotating seasonal flavors. When you order, we place your ice cream on nitro, flash freezing it, so ice crystals never have time to develop. All of this care and craftsmanship results in the creamiest, freshest ice cream possible.


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Our ice cream is flash-frozen when you place your order, using a tank filled with something that’s found in 78 percent of the air we breathe: nitrogen. This liquid nitrogen, or nitro for short, is -321 degrees and it freezes the ice cream ingredients 10 times faster than commercial batch freezers (after which it evaporates). Faster freezing means there’s simply not time for tiny ice crystals to form, and results in the creamiest ice cream possible. This process is also why Bend Creamery does not need to use any gums, stabilizers or any other “extra” ingredients.


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ORGANIC SWEET CREAM – Organic cream, organic milk + organic sugar are the only three ingredients in this fresh and simple flavor. With Sweet Cream, we’re taking ice cream back to its roots for that on the farm, cream rising to the top taste.
FRESH MINT – Mint grown by Bend, Oregon’s Stagestruck Herbary. Stagestruck uses organic growing practices, but is not organically certified. Plus organic cream, organic milk + organic sugar.
ORGANIC CHOCOLATE – Organic + Fair Trade single origin Peruvian cacao powder is stirred into our sweet cream base and then frozen, creating a creamy + rich chocolate ice cream. Plus organic cream, organic milk + organic sugar.


HOUSE RASPBERRY – We cook local, sustainably grown berries down just enough to thicken them up and toss in organic and Fair Trade sugar for just the right balance of sweet and tart.
HOUSE ORGANIC FUDGE – Organic and Fair Trade single origin Peruvian cacao powder is melted into organic milk, organic butter, organic and Fair Trade sugar and a touch of Singing Dog vanilla, from Eugene, Oregon is added for a decadent dark fudge.
HOUSE ORGANIC SALTED CARAMEL – We slow roast organic and Fair Trade sugar to develop a rich caramel flavor and then add organic cream and butter, Singing Dog vanilla, from Eugene, Oregon and salt for sweet, salty, buttery taste.
ORGANIC HONEY – We’re honey lovers! Simple and perfect by nature, it makes a great topping on any ice cream flavor.


ORGANIC WAFFLE BOWLS – Break off the edges and dip, bowls are where it’s at! Cooking throughout the day on our cart, the smell of sweet buttery goodness wafts through Riverfront Plaza in downtown Bend, Oregon. It’s hard to go wrong with organic flour, organic sugar, organic butter, organic eggs, Singing Dog vanilla and salt.


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Bend Creamery Ice Cream Cart 1.1


Today Max is making the first cuts on the redesign of our ice cream cart. We are opening up a hole on the backside to be able to change the dewars in and out more easily. The dewars hold the nitro we use to flash freeze ice cream to order. Last year our nitro supplier had to forklift the dewars in and out of the cart for us. If we ran out of nitro over the weekend, that meant we couldn't make ice cream until they reopened on Monday. Well in 2015, with a little help from an engine lift, we'll be able to change the dewars ourselves. This means the little Bend Creamery ice cream cart will be cranking out ice cream in downtown Bend, Oregon all weekend long this summer!

Organic Gardening for Ice Cream Flavors


It's time to start planning your organic garden in Bend and Seed Savers Exchange has a helpful garden planning tool. We'll be planting organic mints and berries to experiment with new ice cream flavors, as well as lots of heirloom veggies for our home use. Also check out Central Oregon Seed Exchange for more local knowledge.

Ice Cream & Skiing in Bend


After working on the redesign of our little ice cream cart yesterday, we headed up to Dutchman's Loop and enjoyed this gorgeous view of Mt. Bachelor. We want to give a big thanks to everyone at Pine Mountain Sports for helping us find the right gear.

Handcrafted Ice Cream Cart in Bend, Oregon

Building our ice cream cart in our Bend, Oregon garage

Did you know that our handcrafted ice cream is made on a handcrafted cart? Here's Max cutting out the hole for the liquid nitrogen dewar in our garage in Bend, Oregon.

Ice cream on a full moon in Bend, Oregon


Happy full moon! Only a few more cycles until the Oregon berry crop is ready for our ice cream made from scratch right here in beautiful Bend, Oregon

Bend, OR ice cream loving smiles


We're missing all those Bend, Oregon ice cream loving smiles

Happy New Year from Bend Creamery!!

Ice Cream Bend Oregon

We had a blast making ice cream our first season and can't wait for spring 2015! Happy New Year!!

Ice Cream & Trails in Bend, OR

Ice cream & mountain biking in Bend, Oregon

Looking forward to riding this weekend in Bend, OR after last Saturday's Central Oregon Trail Alliance work day. A huge thanks to everyone that helped improve our trails!! We've also been working on new ice cream flavors for the 2015 ice cream season. Details to follow...

Ice Cream & Bikes in Bend, OR

It's going to be a beautiful fall day to go do some trail clean up tomorrow after a great summer of riding and ice cream making in Bend, Oregon. See you tomorrow for COTA's fall work event! http://www.cotamtb.com

Thank You From Bend Creamery

Ice Cream Bend Oregon

Thank you so much Bend for all of your support and making our first season so much fun! We had a great time meeting everyone this summer and will miss you all over the winter. We're looking forward to rebuilding and improving our little cart and seeing you next summer with some fresh new ice cream flavors and all the classics! Max and Lisa